...rediscover the joy of coding


Well, this site got hacked, and all content deleted. Bizarrely they didn't do anything with it once they had trashed it, just moved on to the next target. Seems like a rather nerdy trainspotting approach to hacking, but there you go - there's no accounting for imbeciles. Perhaps they objected to me trying to share my interests, or perhaps the £20 I've made from adverts in the last year is just gross profiteering.

Sadly I don't have backups any newer than May 2010, so a few articles and comments are gone. It's been a busy year. A new baby doesn't leave much time for anything, and maintaining a blog that I didn't think was even worth hacking wasn't high on my list.

So.... don't expect any posts for a while. Blogging takes enthusiasm, and I've none left.