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Weekly Links - Microsoft, Windows Phone 7, General Coding, and a bit of humour

Well, technically it's been two weeks since the last collection of links - but hey, who's counting?

Microsoft turns 35: Best, worst and most notable moments


An interesting look back at Microsoft's history. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to acknowledge the mark they've made on the IT industry. You'll almost certainly know everything in this article, but it's a nice summary all the same.

Windows Phone 7 Series: the complete guide


The details of Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS were released recently, and this is a nice summary article. The graphical appearance of the OS looks very fresh and modern - could Microsoft have turned a corner, design-wise?

Building a Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application using Silverlight


Given the familiarity of the coding environment for Windows Phone 7, I could be tempted to wish for one, instead of wishing for an iPhone.

Programming Windows Phone 7 Series


If like me you like to read an old-fashioned book in the bath instead of reading articles on-line, Charles Petzold is preparing one. Here's a sneaky preview in PDF format.

New, But Not So Obvious, Features in .NET 4.0


.NET 4 is with us, and there are plenty of new, headline features. Here's a few that barely get a footnote - but which are interesting nonetheless.

Hello from a libc-free world! (Part 1)


Why would a single-line program produce a larger-than-expected executable? Where does that excess baggage come from? And if you wanted to ditch the standard core libraries, how would you go about it?

Visualizing Usage of the Firefox Menu Bar


Interviews with Average Programmers


I've been reading "Coders at Work" recently, a collection of interviews with great programmers. What would an interview with a coder like you or me be like?

5 Stages of Programmer Incompetence


Tongue-in-cheek article (mostly) about how we progress in the craft of coding. I can recognise aspects of myself in all of these.