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Weekly Links - node.js, Processors, Microsoft, and more

Since I'm having trouble producing full-length articles at the moment, I thought I'd try a different track to at least get some value out of my blog hosting costs. I'll try to post a handful of links that have caught my attention each week.

Comet with node.js and V8


A presentation (slideshow, no audio or video) on node.js, a JavaScript web-server running on Google's V8 engine. Very interesting concept - using an event-based system vastly simplifies the code needed to serve data. There's plenty of discussion about node.js on the interwebs at the moment - hopefully it will grow and become more than just a curiosity.

Gallery of Processor Cache Effects


Interesting blog post about the effects that processor caches may have on performance. Examples are in C#, but really apply to any language.

Microsoft’s Creative Destruction


Opinion piece from the NYTimes regarding Microsoft's recent lack of innovation (at least, in the area of shiny gadgets). Written by an ex-vice-president of Microsoft.

How Many Passes?


Summary article from Eric Lippert describing the differences between the C# compiler and a "traditional" compiler, and listing the various passes made over the symbol tree.

A Deadlock Holiday


Very funny tongue-in-cheek article about the current state of parallel / multicore coding techniques, from Verity Stob of The Register.

A Maturity Model for Source Control


Semi-opinion piece assigning levels to types of source-control systems - from "No SCM" through "Clunky" to "Speedy, Invisible, and Highly Capable".