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New Site 09 Sep 2013

Well, the site is vaguely back. It's been effectively abandoned for a couple of years, shortly after my son was born, and recently I decided to stop paying for hosting. I've now ressurected it on a custom blog engine, hosted on Heroku.

Project Euler 29 Sep 2011

Since they've just revamped their website, I thought it was probably about time I mentioned Project Euler.

Hacked 15 Feb 2011

Well, this site got hacked, and all content deleted. Bizarrely they didn't do anything with it once they had trashed it, just moved on to the next target. Seems like a rather nerdy trainspotting approach to hacking, but there you go - there's no accounting for imbeciles. Perhaps they objected to me trying to share my interests, or perhaps the £20 I've made from adverts in the last year is just gross profiteering.

Rendering the Mandelbrot Set using Haskell and wxWidgets 27 Dec 2010

In this article I’ll show how to render the Mandelbrot set using Haskell, displayed in a window using wxWidgets / wxHaskell.

Reading Haskell - Part 4 30 Nov 2010

In the last three articles I covered the overall structure, lexer, and parser of a simple expression evaluator. This articles concludes by presenting the evaluator and main loop.

Reading Haskell - Part 3 20 Nov 2010

Previously I covered the top-level structure and lexical analysis parts of my simple expression evaluator in Haskell. In this article I’ll cover the parser: converting a stream of tokens into an expression tree.